Just The Two Of Us.... For Now

This morning I woke up wanting one of these precious little things:

My husband. BYU fan all his life.

A tiny little baby to play with and love and cuddle and take pictures of and teach how to play tricks on Mark. 

Then I woke all the way up and started seeing lots of these $$$$$$$$$$. I went to work (I work at an elementary school), and I remembered kids can be more like this:

Don't get me wrong, someday we want kids. I can't wait to show them all the amazing things this earth has to offer, how to ski and camp, tell them bedtime stories, and teach them how to be the funniest, craziest, happiest kids in the world. It's going to be a non stop adventure!

For now I'm cherishing every day we get to sleep in, every spontaneous vacation, the time to work out each day (even if I don't take advantage of it), and the fact that every night is date night. I'm going to love every second Mark and I have just to ourselves.

And when it's time for little rascals running around, spilling milk on our heads, pulling my hair out, learning how to say sassy things, and causing all sorts of mayhem, we will cherish every second of that! We just have to finish one adventure before we begin another.


-Mallori said...

I'm sure you will make an excellent mother one day!

It's easy to want kids when it seems there's 500 thousand mommy blogs out there. I believe that everything happens for a reason; you will have children when it is best for you two in life :)

I'm glad you didn't "scold" me for not resting 24/7. I'm always a little reserved to post things like that because I know a lot of people think I should probably rest while I can. It's just hard to sit around doing nothing all the time. And I'm glad I get to take advantage of being home to watch my brother play some of his last basketball games of his career!

Have a good weekend!

HealBalanceLive said...

I LOVE that picture of Mark, just how I imagined him :)

Diana Smith said...

YAY I am loving everything you are saying! Yes enjoy your time together! I am glad you guys aren't rushing it because once it happens you can't take it back and you miss all those things you took advantage of, but its the best thing in the world to be a mom!

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

thank you for the blog visit and the comment. I never really had the "I want kids" fever, my husband and I got married, and then one day said "let's see what happens"...we had our daughter nine months later. Right before my son was born, I had a week where I was desperate to have another...Two kids later, I wouldn't mind rolling in your "no kids green grass"...but would hop back over to my side of the fence when I started missing my kids.....Enjoy your adventures with your husband...then enjoy the new adventure when you decide to have children!!


Jennifer said...

My hubs keeps begging for babies... I like kids and worked with them at WIC and totally thought they were the cutest things ever buuut.... I dont know.. I want things for myself first and feel super selfish admitting that but I just want it to be me and paul for a little while longer!

I hear ya on the back and forth mentality of the "I want!"'s turning into the "ehhh.... maybe not now!"'s!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Mama Walker said...

Thanks for the picture of my Mark, he was such a great kid and now I marvel at the man he has become and the husband he is. Enjoy your time together and when those babies come we will all enjoy them

Hannah Elizabeth said...

Couldn't agree more. I work at a daycare and while I'm not married yet, I can't wait to just have time with my husband without little ones running around (even though I often prefer their company to adults)

Love your blog. And thanks for following mine :-)

Also, cereal rocks my life. just thought you'd like to know we have that in common