From the second I wake up my mind is going a million miles an hour with the things on my daily must do list, the things on my daily want to do list, and questions. A million and one questions, they seem to never end!

What the? Did my alarm really go off at 5:45 AM? Oh yeah, just like yesterday, and the day before.

Why do I always want cereal after dinner?

Is it weird I've never shopped on Etsy before... or even been on the website?

How did I find such an awesome dude to marry?

Why do my neighbors still have a wreath on their door? Would they mind if I took it down?

What's up with "followers"? Sounds like a cult. Come.... join my blog cult. Welcome to the CP. Please hand over all your worldly possessions.

If I eat this treat and run 5 extra minutes, will they cancel each other out? 5 minutes on the treadmill = 1 treat. Yes?

Does Taco Bell use real hamburger?

Why do we have to pay for music? So many songs I want and so little money.

Why do I always get so lucky and just love my jobs? Ok that's not true, I hated the jobs I had in college. Consistently smelling like subway? No thanks. But since graduation it's been awesome.

Why does everyone always have to mention how young I look?

Why do some people let their kids act like out of control maniacs? Control those rapscallions, at least while in public please.

Why do I constantly wish I was traveling every weekend?

Why do I always have so many questions?


-Mallori said...

It's not weird that you've never been on Etsy before. I visited Etsy for the first time back in October. I just made my first purchase yesterday. It took me a while to find something I really liked without making an impulse purchase, just because there is SO MUCH on the site.

Trust me, you aren't the only one who wants to travel all the time.

And I'm pretty sure you aren't the only one with so many questions. You're just brave enough to expose them all.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Chickavee said...

I'm going to be like one of those annoying people who tell you all about how your kids will be when they get a certain age, except it's about you, not your kids- obviously.

One day, you will wish people told you how young you look.

Mary Nevin said...

i love this because this is very much like how my mind works, especially eating cereal after dinner. also, stay away from etsy, it's addictive.

Kimberlee said...

Oh my heck, my question exactly re: followers. I don't get it. I just barely added the follow me feature to my blog about a week ago. And I swear I'm the last person in the whole entire universe to do so. Call me weird, but things like that scare me and confuse me. When you find out the answer to your following question will you please fill me in?

Diana Smith said...

You have gotta shop etsy!! Seriously, cute stuff! And yeah I don't like to think about taco bells meat, kinda grosses me out!

Ashley said...

I always have all kinds of things running through my head...I enjoyed reading the questions that go through your brain =)
I don't shop on etsy -- its kinda pricey for my taste, PLUS since I'm crafty, I can replicate most anything i have seen that I didn't think I couldn't live without lol =)
The followers thing is HILARIOUS!

Mizdragonfly said...

So many questions, so little time! :p

Have a great weekend :)


Sara said...

It sure is hard to turn the brain off sometimes :) and I always crave cereal after dinner too! Weird!

everyone calls me bon bon said...

My mind is constantly running too! Especially at night! Girl, you gotta check out Etsy...I'm so addicted. xoxo

Heidi said...

hilarious and so true to them all! the taco bell one i constantly wonder!