Alien Encounter

I had an artichoke encounter last night.... and I was highly disappointed. I love artichoke hearts and I keep hearing how wonderful the rest of the artichoke is. Not sure what one looked like I ventured through the fresh food section or Harmons and came across this.

WHAT THE ALIEN?!?!?!  Scared to death to touch the thing, I put it into one of those plastic bags that takes you 60 seconds to figure out which end has the opening. After watching several YouTube videos on how to prepare, cook, and eat an alien I decided to give it a try. Mark was scared and I was not impressed. For all the work it takes you only get to eat a tiny amount of the artichoke. Which, by the way has no flavor. The only thing you can taste is whatever sauce you dipped it in, which is generally mayo or butter. This completely defeats the purpose of eating something healthy anyway! I think I'll stick to veggies like carrots and cucumbers that don't have thorns on the outside, and hair on the inside. Gross.