Question: What makes the noise "SCHWAMP!"?

Answer: Please refer to paragraph 2.

What a beautiful day of snowboarding! It was my first adventure at Brian Head, but not the last. It has been snowing for a few days so there was some nice powder! Although nothing compares to resorts in northern Utah (The Canyons and Alta will forever be my favorite), it's so fun to have a ski resort so close when we get to enjoy 60 degree weather every day!

I know you riddle lovers are dying to know the answer to the question above. Well let me share the answer with you. I do not consider myself exceptionally great at snowboarding, nor do I consider myself a newbie. Sometimes I find it quite entertaining to watch beginners from the chair lift and reminisce about the days of sprained wrists, bruised tailbones, bruised knees, frozen bums, and being laughed at by those more experienced than me. But those days are long gone! Or so I thought.... As we approached the end of the chairlift it was as if I forgot that I have this great thing called a brain that helps me make decisions, solve problems etc... Some of you may have experienced this before. My friend Tiffany that I went with was still learning how to get off the lift. It was her first time and I must say she was awesome. When we got off the lift I wanted to give her room to get off, and by get off I mean crash haha love you Tiff! There was this orange cone in the snow that just seemed to stay "Stop Here". Because my brain wasn't working I couldn't think of any reason not to obey this invisible message. As I stood by the cone watching Tiffany zoom by, everyone at the top of the hill heard it: SCHWAMP!!! As the chair lift whipped around to head back down the mountain, it whacked me upside the head. And hard. The slam to my head must have triggered my brain to start working again because as I gracefully fell face-forward into the snow, I remembered the cone was thoughtfully put there as a warning to newbies such as myself.


Mama Walker said...

oh Jamie do you have a headache now? Glad you had fun anyway. I hated the chairlift. My first day on one a kid fell and put his skipole through his leg 2 chairs ahead of me and they kept us hanging there for ever.

Mark and Jamie Walker said...

Holy cow that makes me feel sick! Good thing with snowboard you don't have poles haha