Getting Caught Up

This blog thing takes longer than I thought! But I think I've finally figured out the basics so I think I need to catch up on the latest in the Walker household.First off, Mark and I keep saying that we'd like to get a membership to Gold's Gym. I drive by it twice a day (after I stop to pick up my daily ice cream cone), but just can't seem to get the motivation to step inside. Well I think we've finally found a form of exercise that we both enjoy! Thanks to both of my grandparents for giving us tennis stuff for Christmas, we might not gain the newlywed pounds after all! You might think "that's not very good exercise", but when you spend the majority of the time running across the road and neighboring courts to pick up runaway balls, trust me... it's a workout! We've been playing several times a week and I always rock Mark..... ok I've won 2 games so far out of maybe 10 haha. But at least it's warm enough here we can even play at night so we'll just keep practicing. LOOK OUT FEDERER!
Item #dos: Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow! I will be celebrating by reuniting with my snowboard at Brian Head after a year of sitting in storage. The topic of snowboarding has been the current debate in our house. I just can't seem to convince Mark to go with me, so I ventured out to find some local ski bums to go with! We will be hitting the slopes no matter what the weather is and I can't wait! Mark says anyone looking for him can find him watching Avatar in 3D for the second time with a Big Carl in each hand.
And my last item of the day I would like to share with you a little about my friday at Vista. I am very lucky to have the great job that I do. The school is incredible, the children are great, and the people I work so closely with are amazing. I am the principal's assistant and as long as the hours are, and as stressful as some days get, I couldn't ask for a better boss or job. With the recent news of the disaster in Haiti, Steve (my boss) has decided that we must do something to help, and it needs to be something BIG. We watch the news and hear of the hundreds of people who are hurting, but most of us do nothing to help.... and I must say I generally fall into the category. His vision of the humanitarian work he would like our school to be involved with is larger than I can see, but it is something that will take several years to establish. But with the recent news of Haiti we decided we need to do something to help now, no matter how big or small. A parent at my school works for orphanages in Haiti, traveling back and forth each month, and I asked if she would help us. She brought several pictures of the orphanages she visits, the children she helps care for, and the lives she helps change. It broke my heart. As the principal and I sat there viewing her pictures, tears ran down our cheeks. I was a little embarrassed at the fact that I was crying, but more embarrassed at the fact that I was sitting in a comfy leather chair, after eating a very nice lunch, and with a brand new pair of shoes. These children eat one meal a day, have very few toys or belongings, and sleep 25 children to a room. There are some bunk beds available, but it is so hot they prefer to sleep on the floor where the tile is cool. I have so much admiration for that woman who spends several thousands of dollars each year to fly to Haiti to bring the children supplies and love. Next week we will be opening an account with Wells Fargo for anyone who would like to donate to a fund that will be used to ship water to Haiti. It is there biggest need right now, and without it everyone is at risk of getting giardia and other diseases. I will let you know when it is set up. I know the economy is bad and people are not giving as much because of it. But I don't want to let the bad economy be an excuse not to help because our situation is 1000 times better than theirs right now.
I didn't mean to write so much, but after waking up at 5:30 A.M. I had a lot of time to think! I'm teaching Relief Society today... wish me luck!


Michael & Mindy said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! I'm a blog freak. Serious. It's my hobby. So I'll be checking yours out! I love that Mark thinks it's silly. Michael totally did too. Now he looks at it and others and is all into it. Okay. Not into it, but whatever. Anyway, glad to see you in the blogging world :)

Nicklepickle said...

Yay! I'm glad you started a blog! I feel like you guys died! But now I'll be able to keep up with you!!! Love you guys!

Mark and Jamie Walker said...

Both of you guys need to come down and stay with us! It's a lot warmer than up there!

JoHanna said...

love the blog guys and Mark Just go with it...... Mike didnt like it either but hey you all know the wife is the boss!