My first blog post

I've finally given in to the world of blogging. I swore I would never have one, at least not until we have kids (don't get your hopes up Mom it's a long way off), but I decided to try it out even if Mark thinks it's silly. My recent motivation has come because it's 6:00 A.M. on one of the two days a week I get to sleep in, and I can't sleep. So I'm starting a blog and eating an entire box of Honey Graham Ohs... it's called multitasking.


Mama Walker said...

Yeah Jamie!! I love your background

Brittney & Zach Lundgreen said...

all guys think its silly!!!!!! haha i just got one to they are kinda confusing! but yours is cool has music on it and everything! hope you guys are doing good in st george! we sure miss you guys up here!