Noteworthy Items

Tonights tennis score: Mark-3  Jamie-1

Reasons why it doesn't matter that Mark rocked me: He is a boy and his muscles are 3 times the size of mine, I bought a new pair of shoes and not even news that they discontinued my favorite ice cream could get me down, at least I won one game and the others were close, Mark was bouncing the ball and hit himself in the eye hahahhahhahhahahahhahahaha. 

Other noteworthy items:  Season 6 of LOST is starting in 5 days!!!

There are very few TV shows I care to watch.... Oprah, King of Queens, Shark Tank, and anything from Nick-at-Night. But my absolute favorite is Lost. I was a little late jumping on the I'm-Addicted-to-Lost train so Mark and I have always watched the seasons on DVD. The upside to that is no commercials and you can watch them whenever you want. The downside is we generally lock ourselves inside for several days, only moving off the couch to find something to eat.

By the way, I'm not as unsympathetic as that first paragraph sounded. I feel very bad Mark hit himself in the eye with a tennis ball. It reminded me when Homer Simpson tries to eat a hot dog and sticks it in his eye, I couldn't stop laughing! I love my husband!


Mama Walker said...

Oh my poor boy!!! Is your eye lots of colors now?? HA HA love you guys