Hotel Walker

This weekend we played 3D, glow in the dark mini golf with some of our friends. It was so fun, but something about the 3D effect makes me so ill! Like when we saw Avatar in 3D, which I loved, even if I felt like I was about to barf the whole time. Mark said it was like a mix between Dances with Wolves, the Matrix, and Fern Gully. He's currently trying to grow a pony tail with tentacles at the end to become one with his truck.
Mark's parents also came to stay with us for the weekend. My grandparents are here during the week, and my family will be here this weekend. We love having family and friends come stay with us! Hotel Walker is open for anyone looking to get away from the snow! We currently have one vacant room (no bed, but a big fluffy chair), and one couch. Also includes: continental breakfast (cherrios and poptarts) , cable, free wireless internet, and hot tub. First come first serve.


Mama Walker said...

We highly reccommend Hotel Walker!! It is one of the best places we have stayed. The owners are very entertaining and the service is excellent **** 4 stars from Barry and Diane Walker