Manipulative Little Stinkers

Usually my day at work consists of meetings, interviews, more meetings and more interviews. Well today was a special treat, I taught 2nd grade. The teacher had an emergency so I stepped in for a couple of hours, and I learned so much!

  • 2nd graders can run their own classroom without a teacher, or in this case with a teacher who doesn’t know what they’re doing.
  • 7 year olds are manipulative little stinkers. “I promise Mrs. Walker. Our teacher always lets us play our Nintendo DS when we’re done with our work and eat the treats she keeps at her desk”.
  • I’m glad I made the decision not to teach elementary school. I love love love the kids. Chatting with them in the hall and after school is so fun, but 6 & 1/2 hours of 25 kids asking 500 questions is not what I am cut out for!
  • Children will easily tell you how pretty they think you are, and just as easily that your fly is down.

All of the local schools collected items to send to Haiti this week. The response was incredible. Below is a picture of my office... it looked like a garbage dump with all the bags! The donated items overflowed from the school entrance, into my office, and continued growing all day!


krystale said...

yealh!!! goo jamie!! hahah they trixed you~ love you miss you honky tonk


Hee hee, this is too funny!