We Made It

I could spend a lot of time explaining the 13 hour drive and all the complications something like that would involve, but I'm sure you can imagine. There was a lot of sleeping in the car (hurray), but so much sleeping in the car there wasn't a lot going on in the hotel at 1 AM. There was puke, dance parties, snacks everywhere, tons of movies, a few tears, and some serious praying. Even with the pit stop at the Urgent Care to make sure Beckett didn't have strep (he doesn't), things went smoother than I had imagined. Nolan has never slept well in the car, but I think he is finally getting the hang of it!

I'll share a little bit more about the cool house we're in and hopefully take some pretty pictures now that my camera is out, but for now, here are some poor quality phone pictures from the past few days. Also, I think I'm going to be posting lots of little videos on Instagram Stories. I wasn't a fan at first, but I'm beginning to really like them!