Seeing the holidays through the eyes of my kids makes them just as much fun as when I was young. We carved pumpkins, decorated our yard, hung pumpkin lights, and watched Nightmare Before Christmas 47 times.... and I loved every minute of it. 

My Mom made Nolan's awesome Jedi costume. We didn't think a homemade Darth Vader would look very cool, so Beckett's was an Amazon specialty. I knew the mask was going to be an issue, but Beckett insisted. Later we discovered face paint didn't look as cool, but he thought it was a blast and we didn't have to fuss with the mask. Because I couldn't get it all to wipe off I'm sure his pillow will look lovely in the morning. 

These pictures of Beckett and his buddy Noah are killing me. I'm not sure if there is anything cuter than boys dressing up as their favorite character and acting like.... well, boys. The trick or treating didn't last long, but we had a great Halloween!