Sleep sacks, Solids, Swaddling, and Squishy Babies

I hate buying something new if I can get a decent one used, and I've never been one to buy gadgets. I would always rather spend my money on doing something rather than having something, except when it comes to my children sleeping. I will spend oodles of money without blinking an eye and try every gimmicky gadget out there if it helps my children sleep better. Which is how I came to buy this..... the starfish shaped sleep suit: The Zipadee Zip. 

I had a horrible time transitioning Beckett out of swaddling, and it was something I've been dreading this time around. After a lot of research I decided to suck it up and buy this silly sleep sack because the reviews were amazing. I was going to wait until he started rolling in his sleep, but the other day decided to try it out for his morning nap to see what would happen. I don't know if it had anything to do with the sack, but he took his first 90 minute nap in months. I was ecstatic. He's been sleeping in the Zippy ever since and it hasn't been a problem! I haven't been blessed with another 90 minute nap yet, but I'm hopeful it's a sign that his naps will begin getting longer as his wake time increases! 

I knew Nolan was a big baby, but I was a little surprised to find out that he is in the 75th percentile in height, and 95th in weight! He is one compact squishy little man. I love it. We started solids this week, and I think he is in heaven. I'm starting out with baby food which is something I skipped with Beckett, but he didn't start solids until 5 months and was able to hold his food. Nolan is started younger and not really able to do anything Baby Led Weaning related yet, but in a month or two he'll be able to handle food that isn't just baby mush. 

This is my last week at home before I go back to work 3 days a week. It's bitter sweet. I have absolutely loved staying at home these last 4 and a half months, but I have also missed my job. I'm not stressed about leaving Nolan because he is so much older than when I went back to work with Beckett, it's only part time this time, and I know he is in the absolute best care in the world. We need to adjust our schedule though so we can get out the door on time. I have to be to work at 7:30, and right now we are used to not even getting out of bed until 8! Goodbye summer schedule, hello early bedtimes.