Baby Phase

Nolan has had a lot going on this last week. He went to see a specialist at Primary Children's about the flat spot on his head. He has a little torticollis, but he doesn't need a helmet! With a little help, extra tummy time, and head position while he sleeps, it will go away on his own. He has also started to take an occasional long morning nap. He wakes up after 45 minutes, but will sometimes put himself back to sleep if I'm patient. The 4 month sleep regression is here, but it hasn't been too bad. He wakes a little more often at night than before, but mostly he is just going through some major changes. We've totally transitioned from the swaddle to a sleep sack, he doesn't love being bounced to sleep like he used to, and sometimes if I'm lucky I can just hold him until he is drowsy and he'll put himself to sleep. I put the baby swing into storage yesterday, and brought out the highchair. He's been eating baby food at least once a day, usually at dinner, but sometimes if we are home and not busy I'll give him some solids while we're having lunch or breakfast. He's also obsessed with sucking on watermelon and strawberries. Time is flying by; it seems like the baby phase is going to be over before I know it. I'm happy I have a better perspective now of how short this phase is so that I can enjoy every second and not get worried about the little things.