I've been waiting all summer to take Beckett to Lagoon. It was one of my favorite places as a kid, and I couldn't wait for him to experience it. We didn't have to wait in a single line the entire day, and we managed to go on enough water rides to stay cool. Nolan stayed with one of my friends so we were all able to ride the rides together. He said his favorite was ride was Puff the Magic Dragon which surprised me because he looked horrified the first time he went around on it. It was one of my favorite days this summer.

The day ended with the following conversation:

Beckett: "When will I be like Dad?"
Me: "One day when you are as big as Dad, you will be a dad too and have your own babies."
Beckett: "Yeah, I'll have a baby in my belly like you."
Me: "Only girls have babies in their bellies. Your wife will have the baby in her belly."
Beckett: "What's a wife?"
Me: "When you find your very favorite girl in the whole world, you can ask her to be your wife."
Beckett: "Will you be my wife Mom?"

Kind of creepy, but it still melted my heart.