Goodbye Nap Time

Heaven help me. Beckett has started using the word, "why?" as his response to everything. He is also starting to transition out of having a nap during the day. Now I'm the one asking, "WHY?!" It's nice because he goes to bed a little bit early, but it does make the day seem soooo long. But if I let him take a nap, then the evenings are soooo long. I love my child dearly, but I also love it when he is asleep. 

My hair is falling out at a rather alarming rate. I know this is a normal postpartum joy, but I don't remember it being quite like this the first time. Maybe it has something to do with Beckett not napping anymore. 

One more random thing.... The Beckett quote of the week:

Beckett: "Why isn't Daddy coming with us?"
Me: "He's going to stay home and feed Nolan". (I had pumped so he could give him a bottle)
Beckett: "But Daddy doesn't have boobies".