Beginning of Summer

After spending four days on our own while Mark was out of town for work, we were so happy to have him home for a three day weekend. We ate practically every meal outside per Beckett's request. We hiked, swam, and ate popsicles like nobody's business. 

Nolan is starting to interact with us a lot more; no more newborn blob. He tries his best to watch what we're doing, he chats his head off when Mark talks to him, and he is becoming a tummy time pro. He still loves his 45 minute naps, but his schedule is pretty predictable now so I don't even mind because I know what to plan for. He is crazy big for a 2 month old, weighing in at 17 pounds now. My back doesn't love it, but pretty soon I'll give Michelle Obama's toned arms a run for their money. 

Beckett is really starting to get used to being a summer time kid. He's learning how awesome it is to rarely wear a shirt or shoes, and how sometimes swimming counts as his bath when I'm feeling lazy. We eat popsicles and smoothies outside after his nap daily, and when the weather is just right bed time gets pushed back way late because it's just too nice to come inside. 

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a really great summer.