Being a Parent

There is nothing else quiet like being a parent. One minute you're holding your baby, feeling like you could stay in that moment forever and wondering how your heart doesn't exploded because it is so full. The next second, you're covered in their puke and you can't put them down or run away fast enough. You're more emotionally and physically exhausted than ever before, yet you always find the energy to play chase or cars one more time. By mid-day you're watching the clock just counting down the minutes until bed time. Once your kids are in bed, you spend the night looking at pictures of them and talking about all the funny things they did that day. Even though you rarely wear make up and doing your hair means putting it in a pony tail, you'll never feel more lovely than when your little boy says, "you look beautiful mom!" You suddenly do things that your pre-child self would look at and shudder in disgust like: nurse in public, wipe boogers with your fingers, catch barf in your hands, and let your kid go out in public with no shoes and the same stained t-shirt they've been wearing for 3 days because they refuse to wear anything else. Today I literally swallowed some of my child's snot that I didn't know had stuck to the rim of the water bottle I was drinking out of, and it didn't even phase me. Ok, it phased me a little, but hardly. My point is I've never been so grossed out, tired, or happy in my entire life.