Nolan's First "Camping" Trip

Our first camping trip with Nolan didn't go as planned. We knew it was going to rain a bit while we were there so we packed accordingly, but when we showed up to our campsite and it was 45 degrees, windy, and possible snow on the way, I knew that sleeping in a tent with two little ones that night was not something I was up for. Beckett was pretty disappointed when we went to a hotel instead of sleeping in the tent, but we took his sleeping bag into the room so he could at least pretend. He thought hot tubbing in the rain was pretty exciting, so from a two year old's perspective it all worked out great. 

Being in Zion during a rain storm is well worth the cold weather. Waterfalls spilling off of the massive cliffs appear out of nowhere, and the misty weather keeps the crowds away. I'm bummed we didn't get to camp, but I'm almost glad it was bad weather so that we were able to see the waterfalls, and enjoy the park without the crowds. 

Nolan was a great little traveler. In fact, I think he is better traveling than at home. He slept like an angel, and didn't cry on the long car ride once. Beckett suddenly has a raging hate for wearing his coat so that made hiking in the cold a little challenging, but it was nothing a few jelly beans from Grandma couldn't take care of. We didn't get to go camping, but our first trip with our two little dudes was a blast. Now that I know everyone can survive a 4 hour car ride and sleeping away from home, I'm really looking forward going on a few more vacations this summer!