Selfies and Sunshine

This is what happens when your 2 year old figures out how to take selfies. I love his super grumpy concentration face. I also love that he has started using the word "actually", but in the wrong context every single time. 

We spent a lot of time outside today. I've been trying my hardest to get Nolan on a 3 hour schedule, but so far he has been on more of a 2 hour schedule. Today he took two naps that were long enough I had to wake him up at the 3 hour mark to feed him. It was great! It gave Beckett and I a lot of time to play outside together. It also means we're on our way to longer stretches of sleep at night. The last week he has woken up 3 times each night to eat. It isn't awful, but a solid 4 or 5 hour stretch of sleep would sure feel nice. I'm sure it will come soon enough. 

Today I had to order child proof door knobs. I found Beckett in our bathroom closet trying to give himself medicine for his cough. While I was changing Nolan's diaper he got into the pantry for the 500th time to look for a snack because he wanted "something different else". I didn't need them before, but I'm a little more distracted these days than I used to be so keeping an eye on him is harder to do.