Baby B Photography

Beckett is becoming quite the photographer. After taking 32 pictures of his lightsaber, he told Nolan and I to say cheese and caught the beauty below. A few minutes later he took a very artistic shot of our shadows outside. Looks like my photography business is going to have some competition in the near future. 

I've started working out again. My first two attempts lasted only 15 minutes before one child or another woke up. But even if I get in 15 minutes of weight lifting or yoga a day, that's better than nothing. I'm seriously sore and I am more motivated to eat better on the days that I work out too. I'm not planning a certain time to get in a work out, it's just when I see an opportune time where everyone is busy and/or sleeping. Once Nolan starts waking only once per night I might have the gumption to get up at 5:30 AM or something ridiculous like that. 

We made it to the zoo today. I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends I was with though. I still feel a little frazzled when I go out with the two boys on my own. It's silly because Nolan is asleep 90% of the time, but I suddenly have a giant stroller, diaper bag, two car seats to do and undo, and it's harder to chase Beckett when my arms are full. It definitely beats sitting around the house though.