Just the Three of Us

Today is the first day that it's just me and my two boys on our own. It's a little overwhelming thinking that there are two of them, and only one of me. It really hasn't been bad though. I had crazy visions of Beckett running down the street naked and yelling because I wouldn't give him fruit snacks. Me, chasing him down with my nursing bra only done half way up and a newborn slipping out of my arms. It's only day one though. There is still time. 

I remember writing a lot about sleeping and schedules when Beckett was little. There are a lot of things I don't stress about: binkies falling on the floor, my kids wearing the perfect outfit, other people holding my newborn, etc.... but naps and schedules are something I'm pretty uptight about. Although sometimes it's inconvenient, 95% of the time it's what keeps us sane. I started "scheduling" Nolan at 3 days. All that means is that I wake him up to eat every three hours, and try to keep him awake for an hour before letting him fall asleep again. Then the goal is a two hour nap so that he will sleep right up until it's time to eat again. That way when he is awake he is full, rested and happy. If he wakes up an hour into his nap, I do everything I can to get him back to sleep. If we're going to go somewhere in the car, I wait until he has been awake for an hour to leave the house because I know that he will fall asleep the second we are in the car. This helps regulate his metabolism and my milk supply. It also allows him to get as much of his milk in during the day as possible, so that his little body can sleep longer between eating at night. The last three nights he has only waken up once to eat so I think his body is starting to adjust. In a few weeks he will probably start waking up every three hours on his own to eat during the day once his body is used to it. I know things like this don't work for everyone, but it works so well for us. I would seriously go insane if I just let him sleep whenever he slept, and fed him whenever he acted fussy or hungry. I think I would feel kind of lost and frustrated a lot of the time. This way I know if he is tired or hungry, and it will help him know what to expect (once he is a little older).

The first day of spring was yesterday, and it was hot enough Beckett and Mark put the sprinkler under the trampoline! We also played tennis, barbecued, and went hiking the day before. Having a spring baby is awesome. 


Bailee said...

So much fun! I'm praying I can have my babies on a sleep schedule like yours. Seems like an amazing idea to me! I guess we'll just see what my babes are like. Until then, I can keep praying though! And your nightmare at the beginning! HAHA! I laughed out loud.