Jackson Hole Vacation

Our trip to Wyoming was the perfect summer vacation. We stayed four nights in the cutest little cabin on the Snake River. For a minute I started to think that I could be on board with living in a tiny house, but it was just for a minute. We did a lot of hiking, swimming, and eating. We only went into Jackson once or twice, and spent the majority of our time in The Tetons. I absolutely love Utah, but there is something about the mountains in Northern Idaho and Wyoming that you don't get in Utah. I wish I knew more about landscape photography, because I just can't capture the feeling you get through my lens the way I'd like to. 

The first full day was spent taking a boat across Jenny Lake to do some hiking. Beckett was having an unusually grumpy day from teething, and insisted on walking instead of riding in the pack. He hiked .6 miles to Hidden Falls by himself. Once he fell asleep on the walk back we decided to hike the extra 2 miles to Inspiration Point. After our mandatory nap time for everyone, we went to see the Bar J Wranglers perform and have dinner.

The next day we drove up a 15 mile dirt road to the coolest hot springs I've been to. We had the pool to ourselves for a while, and later we were accompanied by camping families and wandering hippies. Beckett gave us a little scare on the way back to the car. He seems to have passed out or had some sort of weird little episode. We're not sure if he hadn't eaten enough, had too much sun, or the mineral water bothered him (it was lukewarm), but it was definitely scary. Especially because we were so far from civilization. Mark listened to his instincts and insisted we forced him to stay awake and eat something. It was hard, but once we got some food in him he perked right up. We drove back to the cabin for our siesta and everyone slept for a few hours. Then we went to Teton Village. I was extremely disappointed to find out the alpine slides were closed, but we took the gondola up to the top of the resort and ate dinner at the Mangy Moose.

We went back to The Tetons on the third day with intentions of hiking around Leigh Lake. A herd of people came walking down the trail and told us we needed to turn around because there was a bear up the trail that had charged at a family. This was shortly after I got done telling Mark how I thought all the bear hype was a bit dramatic and overboard and I had never seen a bear hiking. So we hiked over to String Lake to eat lunch on the shore, watch the squirrels, and throw rocks in the lake. After nap time for everyone (are you seeing a trend here?), we went down to the river in our swimming suits. Mark and I floated around, Beckett sat on shore and shot his squirt gun, and we helped him wade out to his belly. We cooked a delicious dinner at the cabin and then went right back to the river for a camp fire. It was the perfect way to spend out last night.

And now you are about to be bombarded with an outrageous amount of pictures.