Desert Rats

I spent much of my childhood driving the dirt roads of Southern Utah, hiking down dried up river beds, and exploring incredible arches and slot canyons. My Dad calls us "desert rats" and he's right. The red rock, starry nights, warm sand, and juniper trees feel like home. Watching Beckett enjoy it as much as I do made my heart melt. The little boy in him definitely showed this weekend as he threw rocks, buried himself in the sand, swung sticks, and grunted and groaned as he carried big rocks around. I was a little nervous about camping for 3 nights because I wasn't sure how he would do in the tent, but like a natural he slept straight through the night! 

I also spent much of my childhood getting car sick on 4-wheel drive roads and puking. It looks like I have passed that down to Beckett as well. On the first day he threw up all over my Mom and my parent's car. I felt so bad for both of them. After that we took the dirt roads a little slower and he did great. 

Because we won't be around for Easter, my Mom brought easter camping. We had a little easter egg hunt in our campsite, and Beckett opened his easter basket. Grandmas are the best. Beckett was a little confused about collecting the eggs at first, but once he realized there was candy inside he knew exactly what to do. 

We camped about an hour outside of Kanab. The two main hikes were Buckskin Gulch and Cathedral Wash. Cathedral Wash is definitely one of our favorites. It has several obstacles and requires a lot of rock climbing and some wading. At the tricky spots on the way down we would make an assembly line and pass Beckett from person to person. On the way up I did most of the climbing with him on my back and he thought it was hilarious. Beckett is a great little desert rat in training and we can't wait to go back.