The Time I Caught Barf With My Hands at Church

The church/baby/toddler combo has always been a little overwhelming to me and I'm not sure why. I can have us fed, dressed, and ready to go to work by 7:05 am, but for some reason preparing for church that doesn't start until 11:00 feels like such a challenge. Maybe it's because I'm anticipating how many times I'm going to have to chase Beckett out of sacrament and down the hallway, or if I will be able to get him to sleep through Sunday school or not. But church just got a little easier because we have reached the age of nursery! Last week was his first time, he only stayed for the first half and I stayed with him. Today he stayed the entire two hours all by himself! He looked handsome as can be, and we didn't even have to leave sacrament once today. This Sunday was pretty much a dream. Except for the part where he gagged on string cheese right before sacrament meeting started and I caught his throw-up in my hands (the bench caught the overflow). Yes, that is right, I used my hands as a barf bucket at church and I'm still claiming this as one of the best Sundays we've had yet.