Six Year Anniversary Getaway

Beckett stayed with my parents this weekend, and Mark and I stayed at Brighton to celebrate our sixth anniversary. We went out to dinner, shopping, snowboarding, and to a Michelle McLaughlin piano concert at her house. We couldn't have picked a better weekend to go snowboarding. We've had this trip planned for 3 months now and I just keep watching the snow melt off the mountains. I have been keeping my fingers crossed that a miraculous snow storm would happen this weekend.... and it did! We had first tracks of the morning, blue skies, and powder all day. There is nothing else that I can compare the experience of skiing or snowboarding too. Riding down an entire mountain with nothing but a piece of wood or two under your feet is an incredible experience every time. I love the simplicity of the resort at Brighton. There aren't any fancy lodges or heated gondolas. At the end of the day you can snowboard straight to your car  because you park just steps away from the lift. The lodge we stayed in was far from luxurious, but it was cozy and fun. I can't wait to take Beckett to stay there for a weekend when he is old enough to ski.