Dinner Prayers

My heart was so full that my eyes teared up the first time Beckett joined us in folding our arms to pray at dinner time. I have never even tried to teach him because you're generally just asking for trouble if you get in the way of this kid and his food, and I didn't think he would understand. One night we sat down to eat and he just laid his spoon down and folded his arms as Mark said the prayer. I could't believe it. He does it every night now and we're practicing closing his eyes, but for now he just looks back and forth at Mark and I and then begins to eat about half way through the prayer. As proud of him as I am, it was a little scary. Even at this young of an age he is watching and learning from our every move. I'm so happy he copied us at a time we were being a good example, but it made me suddenly very aware that he will quickly pick up on things I do weather I am being a good example or not. I'm so happy he has an incredible Dad to look up to and learn from. I feel like Beckett has made us want to kick it up a notch in many areas of our lives. He makes us want to be better people. We won't be perfect, but by golly we will try our hardest.