Mark has been out of town for work all week and I'm teetering on the edge of going crazy from boredom. Every night we Skype and Beckett shows Mark all of his favorite tricks. This picture of Mark and Beckett Skyping has my fingers in it of course. After I get a couple more snowboard trips in I am ready for spring. Being cooped up inside with a toddler is rough! We have been hiking and to the park a lot, but a day at the swimming pool is starting to sound quite nice. I think I have IADD: Indoor Attention Deficit Disorder. I have a hard time just relaxing at home. I would much rather be out having fun and sometimes that's hard when it's cold outside. Beckett and I have started having dance parties to cope; our current favorite is the Sam Smith album. I'm obsessed with it and by the way Beckett nods his head and shakes his booty I would say he is a fan too.