Hello 2015

It's our New Year's Day tradition to burn Christmas trees and shoot up our gingerbread houses at my parent's house. Sounds a little destructive and violent, but it's all just for fun. Destructive, violent fun. This year was a little different because Mark couldn't make it, and we burned the houses instead of shooting them. We pulled each other around on the sled with the four wheeler, and celebrated my Mom's birthday. I've never put too much thought into traditions, but this year I'm realizing how much I cherish them. I've loved sharing all the things we love so much with Beckett. 

I'm not really into New Year's resolutions, when I need to change something I don't usually wait until January to do it. I either change it then, or not at all. But I do have one: put the grocery cart away in the stall and don't leave it against the curb by my parking spot. Yes, I am one of those people. I didn't used to be, but I developed a new fear of leaving my car to put the cart away after having a baby. I think I've shared this before, but I have this crazy fear that I will get hit by a car. I will be rushed away in an ambulance and nobody will know that my baby is strapped into his carseat in my car. Therefore, I have left the cart right by my car for the passed 16 months. Well, not anymore. Lookout 2015!