Year Long Ice Cream Fast

Anyone that knows me, knows that not eating ice cream for an entire year while I was nursing was extremely hard. I don't really care for chocolate, so ice cream for me is like chocolate is for most women: a daily staple you can't imagine living without. The well-being of my child is probably the only thing that could make me stop. And now we are done nursing, so here I am. It's 9:00 am and I'm eating ice cream and bananas. The bananas make it breakfast. Beckett and I went grocery shopping early this morning and after waiting a year to eat a bowl of ice cream, I wasn't about to wait until after lunch. 

I wrote about our first night of truly weaning in my last post. There was about an hour of crying and tears, but we made it through. The second night Beckett still woke twice like he often does, but this time was fine with a drink of water and went back to sleep quickly. The third night (last night), Beckett slept for 11 hours straight! That hasn't happened for several months. I know there will be nights when he is sick or teething that he still gets up, but I feel like the phase of planning on getting up with him every night is over. I realize some of you more experienced moms are probably laughing at me as you read that last sentence, but I'm feeling hopeful!