Not too much is happening around here, but I just had to share these pictures. I thought if I put them into collages I could get away with sharing 15 pictures in the space of 4. This kid is just cracking us up lately. He's turning into a little jokester and always making us laugh. His newest things are pretending to talk on the phone, trying to snap, dancing, clapping, driving the car, wrestling, and chasing people. We're having the time of our lives over here.

My night weaning attempts are failing miserably. I had a few nights in a row where I kept falling asleep while feeding him. I wouldn't even realize until morning that it had happened and I wasn't cutting down the time at all! So we're still where we were about a week ago. Sigh. I only care to try night weaning during the day, I don't care about night weaning at night. I only care about sleeping. Sigh again.