Summer Goals and Bucket List

Today is the first of many things. It's our first day of summer vacation. For the first time in a long time I am no longer considered a full time employee. It's the first day I don't have to worry about pumping and can pack it away in the depths of my storage closet. It's the first day that Beckett and I are going to start working on all of our goals for the summer (see below). And the last day of real clothes and the first day of living in yoga pants and swimming suits!

Bucket List
  • Ride our bikes to the snow cone shack.
  • Camping in the mountains.
  • Take Beckett on his first long 4-wheeler ride.
  • Take Beckett canoeing for the first time.
  • Plan his one year birthday party!
  • Leave Beckett over night for the first time.
  • Go on a motorcycle road trip with Mark.
  • Get Beckett to enjoy swimming pools and splash pads.
  • Learn to cook new recipes using the herbs from my mini herb garden.


  • Begin sign language with Beckett.
  • Three meals of solids every day. Up until now he has only been having solids at dinner time consistently. 
  • Begin an official nap schedule: Two 90 minute naps around 9:00 and 1:00.
  • Walk or hike every day.
  • Start my photography business up again. 
  • Move his wake time in the morning from 6:00 to 7:00. Hello room darkening curtains. They were much more expensive than I wanted to pay, but that extra hour of sleep is totally worth $50.
  • Get Beckett to go to sleep completely independently. I've been doing a little cry it out, but after a few minutes I would go in and soothe him until he fells asleep. At night he is always too tired that he falls asleep eating. Now for naps I've started letting him cry it out until he falls asleep without me going in there. It takes about 10 minutes. This may sound harsh, but it isn't hard for me because now that he is 10 months, I know he understands that it's nap time. Any younger than this and I felt like he was crying because he was confused and sad, now I know it's just because he would rather be having a party than sleeping. At night I've started nursing him about 30 minutes before bed time. This way he is having to put himself to sleep. Also, by not associating eating with sleeping at night anymore, hopefully we will be able to drop his middle of the night feeding soon. Which brings me to my next goal.
  • Put an end to eating in the middle of the night (this is going to be a hard one).
  • Wean from nursing all together by the end of August.