10 Month Summary

Wake Time
2 hours and 30 minutes before his first nap, and 3 hours before his second. 

Nap Time
2 naps a day, both usually last around 90 minutes. It's amazing how much I can accomplish in those 90 minutes. 

Sleeping at Night
7:30 pm - 6:00 am. I really wish he slept at least 11 hours so we are working on a few tricks to hopefully accomplish that soon. He eats once in the middle of the night, usually around 2:00 am. When people ask if he is "sleeping through the night", I have been answering that question with a "yes", since he was about 5 months. In all my research I have noticed that the term "sleeping through the night" has a very different meaning to everyone. Babywise says it's being able to sleep 6-7 hours without waking up to eat. To me it means that he sleeps 10-12 hours at night, wakes up to eat a couple times, but always goes right h to sleep. To some people it means 12 continuous hours without waking. I don't know that we will ever accomplish that since Beckett doesn't even sleep for 12 hours now, and I'm totally ok with that. We are all well rested and our nights are usually stress free. Maybe I shouldn't speak so soon though because I think Beckett's top teeth should be on their way any time now. 

Cry It Out
We have officially started cry it out before naps and bedtime. It hasn't lasted more than 15 minutes, and last night before bed was about 30 seconds. 

Baby Led Weaning
Around 8 months I started to wonder if Baby Led Weaning was the best approach, and I started mixing in some purees. I felt that by doing both I knew he was eating a lot, and having the experience of feeding himself and experiencing different textures. Now I am so glad we did that because I can feed him almost anything and I don't worry about him choking. He learned very early what size of things he could and couldn't swallow. Now I don't ever worry about him choking except on bread because it's so soft. If he takes too big of a bite he always spits it out. His favorites lately are blueberries, raspberries, smoothies, carrots, cheeze, and quinoa. 

2 bottom teeth and no signs of the top ones coming in. We've started brushing his teeth before bed and he seems to really like it! 

4 times a day and once in the night. 

Waving, scooting, pulling up on everything, and downward facing dog. We're working on using his walker and drinking out of the sippy cup by himself. He can pick it up to his mouth, he just doesn't understand you have to tilt it up to get anything. 

Bath time, kiddie swimming pool, sitting on my lap on the long board and riding down the driveway, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and anything else that makes boy noises. 

Some people have Babywise down to a science and have the day very scheduled out from early on. For us we had a routine we followed, but I found that with driving back and forth to work every day, and so many variables with multiple naps, it was impossible to have a predictable schedule until now. It's nice to know what to expect so I can plan our day. Also, the older he gets the more flexible he is. I remember the days that if nap time didn't happen exactly 75 minutes after he woke up, a major melt down would take place. Now that it's summer I would like to sleep in a little, and I wouldn't mind if Beckett got to stay up later so we could play outside. I think this week I  might trying pushing bed time back until 8:00 and seeing if that will help him sleep in until 7:00, but for now this is what an average day looks like. 

6:00 Wake up and nurse
6:30 Breakfast
7:00 Get dressed
8:30 Nap
10:00 Nurse
12:00 lunch
1:00 Nap
2:30 Nurse
5:30 Dinner
6:00 Bath
7:00 Nurse
7:30 Bed time