Rubber Ducky, You're the One

It seems so weird putting Beckett to bed at 7:30 and the sun is still up. I enjoy our evenings together, but I do enjoy being able to relax for a little bit before I go to bed too. Especially because lately he is in this new screaming banshee phase. Basically if we are not holding him, or sometimes even if we are, he is just yelling. Not crying, not squealing.... YELLING. I feel like he gets frustrated with his toys quickly and not being able to move. I think he is pretty close to army crawling and once that happens hopefully he won't get frustrated so easily. 

I'm really starting to look forward to summer and having time off of work. I feel like the timing is just perfect because he will be 9 months old which is when you can really start to get on a consistent nap schedule. It also seems to be a good age for a little bit of sleep training to me, even though a lot of people do it much younger. This will also be about the time that he will hopefully start really eating more food and slowly weaning off of nursing. Right now he only eats solids one time a day at dinner, but at 9 months I would like to try and start doing 3 meals a day which will work out great since I will be home with him. 

Below is a picture of his typical dinner, but obviously he doesn't eat all of that. I have been trying to do 1-2 vegetables, 1 fruit, and a carb or protein. So far his favorite things seems to be strawberries, bananas, broccoli, cous cous, and ham. When I was pregnant my mother in law gave me some fruits, vegetables, and apple sauce that she canned. We have been using them a lot lately! We are doing BLW, but also some spoon feeding. The canned fruits and veggies work so well! I just smash them into little chunks with a fork rather than puree them, and spoon feed him little pieces.