I went out to get groceries last night and came home with this chair instead. Why didn't I do this earlier?!  Feeding him at night and putting him to bed just became so much easier. We don't have to do what feels like a mile long walk out to the living room in the middle of the night anymore. And no more nursing on the floor like a heathen when I'm too tired to walk to the living room. I've been avoiding it because his room only has room for so much stuff. I love his dresser and the cute sentimental things I was keeping on top of it, but it got booted to the closet to make way for the chair. 

Another great thing happened this week.... we sold our Mazda! We are officially a 1.5 car family. It was a little sad saying goodbye. It was our first car we bought together (our first big mistake together), took us on several great vacations, moved us to St. George, and commuted from Salt Lake to Riverdale for over a year. It will be missed, but it's payments will not. 

Now we're going to go enjoy some saturday sunshine!