Man of the House

Beckett and I survived our first week without Mark. He went to Florida for work, and Beckett was the man of the house! I didn't mention this earlier because I don't know that it's a good idea to announce to  the internet, "Yooowhooo! Calling all creepers! Me and my little baby are home all by ourselves!" I actually felt safer than I thought I would and I didn't get creeped out once. I had Murphy on one side of the bed and the shot gun on the other haha. We got to Skype with each other at night. Skype wasn't really a thing when we were dating each other long distance, so it was a first for us! Wow, I feel old. Every night I was in bed by 9, and I ate cereal for dinner. And by cereal I mean chex muddy buddies. 

Today we went to the Aerospace Museum. It was snowy, but we wanted to get out of the house! Beckett zonked out in his stroller after the first little bit. I included a picture of it because he doesn't need his car seat for the stroller anymore and I feel like he looks so big! Speaking of how big he is.... there is also a picture of him in his first restaurant high chair at Cafe Rio! And he may or may not have had a sip of Sprite. I'm so glad he is sitting up well enough that we don't have to haul him around in his car seat anymore.... he is too stinkin' heavy for that. 

The last picture is of how we like to clean the house on Saturday mornings.... backpack style.