Whooping Cough

I'm definitely not one that is afraid of germs. I'm slightly anti-hand sanitizer and when the binky falls on the floor I'm the wipe-it-off-on-my-shirt-and-he'll-be-fine kind of mom, not the sanitize-everything-in-the-world kind of mom. I haven't really been too worried about Beckett getting sick, especially because he is breastfeeding, but I've literally been kept up at night worrying about whooping cough. It's going around this year and even though he is immunized, he is only partially immunized because he is so young. Tuesday night he started coughing a little. I honestly think it's nothing, but whooping cough can kill babies and it's not something I'm going to take any chances with. I went to the pediatrician last night, and to the hospital today to have him tested. The Dr. told me that if they can catch it in the first week, then it is easily cured with antibiotics so I don't want to wait to see if it gets worse. They had to swab his nose and it was by far worse than the biliruben test or any of his shots. It didn't help that while I was waiting, the dude nurse was telling me horror stories of the dozens of children he's seen at Primary Children's with RSV and how his co-worker's one year old died of SIDS this past month. Thank you Mr. Sensitive. By the time they were ready to do Beckett's test I was a nervous wreck. I started to cry before they even began and had to step out of the room. I'm not sure what they did, but oh my goodness I could hear that Beckett did not like it. After a few minutes I was able to feed him and calm him down, but my heart was broken. I will feel terrible if this was all for nothing and it's just a tiny cough, but I would never forgive myself if it isn't. We will get the test results in a few days and if he doesn't have it I will be so relieved, and if he does have it we can get him on antibiotics right away.