The Game Where I Play Peek-a-Book and Beckett Yells at Me

Does this shirt look familiar from this post? It hung on the wall next to me while I was at the hospital for 18 hours before Beckett was born. It was there to remind me that "a year from now" we would be out hiking as a family and that those long hours in the hospital would seem like nothing. Well here we are 5 months later and the shirt fits! I love this chunky little guy. He wore it yesterday for our big outing to go hiking at Antelope Island and test out his hiking backpack for the first time. We loaded up the dog and enough stuff that it felt like we were going camping. 15 minutes into the hike he was MAD. I don't think it was the pack, but we're not sure what it was. So we turned around and went back home. That's how doing adventurous things with a baby is going to be. Sometimes it turns out great, and sometimes it doesn't. We just have to laugh and try again next weekend. 

The beginning of this video is a bit boring. And the entire video is probably boring to anyone that isn't a  grandparent or close family member. But if you like watching babies learn to yell then you may get a little laugh out of it. In this video you will see Beckett's current obsession with putting all things in his mouth, his new spit sound, and how he likes to play peek-a-boo.