Beckett and I Are About to Become Running Partners

I have had the same running shoes since my sophomore year of college. Disgusting. My pinky toe sticks out of a hole on the side on the rare occasion I decide to go running. Because I don't run much these days I've had a hard time justifying buying new ones. I used to run. I used to run 5 miles several times a week. Then one day I realized I hate running and I saw better results from spinning and weightlifting anyway. Spring is coming and I'm ready to begin a regular workout routine. I want my workout to include Beckett, be outside, and something I can do right after work. It looks like my best option is running. I tried running about a month after Beckett was born. My body wasn't quite ready and running is definitely not the most nursing friendly activity. It's time to try again though. I love our jogging stroller and I just ordered a new pair of running shoes! Hallelujah! My pinky toe will be so happy. We're going to start out slow and with very low expectations.

Last night we tried one of the Munchkin Mesh Feeders at dinner. I absolutely loved it! It was the most food Beckett's had so far, and I didn't worry a bit about him choking. We did avocado and frozen bananas. I'm not sure they are "Baby Led Weaning" approved, but we're just doing our own thing.