Sicky Guy

There isn't much to report on around here these days. Because Beckett has been sick, we didn't go anywhere over the weekend and haven't done anything since. He still seems to be feeling ok, but is coughing quite a bit. After his test results for pertussis came back inconclusive, I was a little upset. We went back to the doctor rather than to the hospital to be retested. They gave us a nebulizer to give him breathing treatments at home each day to help with the wheezing. We decided to wait a few days to see if the cough went away before doing the nose swab of death again. It hasn't gone away so he was retested today. I was much calmer this time around and it seemed to go much better. I'm praying it's just a regular cold and the results come back soon!

I'll be honest, I used to get annoyed about how much people talk about their kids getting sick. I felt like, yeah, they're kids, kids get sick. Well now I understand. When your kids are sick, it's constantly on your mind. You just want to help them any way you can, yet you feel so helpless. Hopefully as Beckett gets older I won't worry so much, but he's just so young and babies can get very sick so fast. I'm definitely being the nervous first time mom!