Thankgiving in Moab

This year we had our biennial trip to Moab for Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite family traditions and I was so excited to spend Beckett's first Thanksgiving four wheeling and hiking. My grandpa cooked his famous dutch oven turkey and dressing that was to die for. I really appreciate that my parents taught me to still have fun even when it's cold. It's definitely worth the extra time it takes to get dressed for cold weather and be able to go outside and do all the things you love, rather than sitting inside and complaining that it isn't summer. It didn't get much warmer than 30 degrees every day, but we bundled up and everyone had fun! I was seriously impressed at how well Beckett did. I think he fussed one time when we changed his diaper in the cold, but other than that he was very content and seemed to love all the excitement. I think he is going to be a good little traveler!