Rolling Over

I've been practicing rolling over with Beckett for a few weeks now. I knew he was strong enough, but he just didn't get it quite yet. Last night he started rolling over on his own! He did it a few times when he was 4-5 weeks old, but that was just by accident. His belly was so flat, it wasn't hard to do. Now he really has to work for it with that tummy of his! This video is the third time he did it. It was obviously hard work and not something he was enjoying. So much grunting and groaning... that's how I feel when I work out too. By the end of the night he was rolling over and over without too much of a struggle. I'm so excited and proud of him! He is very happy too now that he can get out of tummy time any time he wants to. I'm sure it will be just a few weeks before he is rolling from his back to his stomach. Once that happens I definitely can't swaddle him anymore. I have two weeks off of work and I'm going to try to slowly ease out of swaddling. I know that it's time, but I don't want to. Swaddling lets him know that it's time to go to sleep, keeps him warm, and it helps him sleep more peacefully. This weekend I'm going to buy a sleep sack, and maybe one of those blankets or silly sleep suits that help transition out of swaddling.

Beckett rolls over from Sunlight and Sound on Vimeo.