What a Tease

Today we are having Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom's side of the family. I'm preparing now by having apple pie for breakfast. I'm rather excited for Thanksgiving this year. #1 It is Beckett's first Thanksgiving. #2 Thanks to my new appetite from breastfeeding I know I'll be able to eat more food than anyone else. 

I've suspected all along that any child of ours would be a little mischievous and definitely a tease. This morning Beckett showed the first signs that my suspicions are correct. He's discovered that he gets quite the reaction from me if he rips his head to the side as fast as he can when he is done eating. This is not my idea of a fun game, but it sure makes him grin. After a few rounds of that I knew he was done eating. I also know we better come up with a new game quick. 

Lately he wakes up cooing and talking more often than crying. I just love laying in bed and listening to him jabber. Sometimes when he's napping I'll peek in his room to check on him and he is laying there wide awake and happy as can be. I absolutely love his smile when I come to get him, but I often wonder how long he has actually been laying there all by himself! Oh I just absolutely adore this kid!