Naked as a Jaybird

It was only noon and Beckett was on his fourth outfit of the day. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that sometime during those four outfit changes I was peed on..... twice. I decided he could just hang in his diaper for a while because I didn't have any pants left for him to wear anyway! Because it's winter, he has pants and long sleeves on most of the time. When he gets out of the tub I'm afraid he'll get cold so we rush to put his PJs on. I realized I don't get to see his cute bare chubbiness very often and I wanted a few pictures. Check out those thigh rolls! 

After I decided the appropriate amount of time had passed and it was safe to put clothes on him again, we got out the saucer for the first time! His legs aren't long enough so I slid a text book from college underneath. I knew I saved that book for a reason. He isn't really grabbing at things yet, but sometimes bats at toys. I'm not sure if it's accidental or if he means to, but either way it's super fun to watch him play and discover new things. 


Dean and Rachel said...

I love him! So fun to watch them grown and discover