We Hate Tummy Time

We had plans to go to the sand dunes this weekend, but Mark ended up having to work. He doesn't work on weekends often, but it's been very busy lately and Beckett and I haven't seen him much! I was really looking forward to getting out and going somewhere exciting, but it ended up being nice to relax at home and cuddle Beckett to pieces. 

Our house is decked out in Christmas decorations.... everything but the tree. We really debated about getting a fake tree this year instead of a real one. Picking out a tree every year and listening to my parents figure out how to get it off of the roof and into the house was one of the most exciting parts of Christmas as a kid, and I want Beckett to have the same experience. I also bought his first present! Because I am starting earlier than normal, I might end up getting more for him than I originally planned. I just can't help it! 

I'm stressing about Beckett and his distaste for tummy time. He hates it, which means I hate it. I'm trying some new methods.... the boppy works for about two minutes. If I lay on my back and he lays on my shins, that works for about 3 minutes. I figure a little at a time is better than nothing! 

Since he is three months old now I thought it might be a good time to try to stop swaddling him.... I was wrong. He usually goes to bed on the first try, sometimes the second, but last night I had to try three times. It wasn't until I swaddled him that he went right to sleep. Today I tried to have him take a nap with just a blanket.... he was so angry! I guess we will continue to swaddle him a while longer. 

He's starting to figure out that his hands are his and he can hit the toys!

This is what Beckett does while I get ready for the day.