Beckett's First Hair Cut

I thought I would wait until Beckett was at least 2 before I took scissors to his precious little hair. But then...... he had a rat tail, or what Mark liked to refer to as "Golum hair". Poor little guy. I kept trying to pretend it was cute, but I knew it was yucky and needed to go, I just wasn't ready to admit it. Tonight Mark finally had enough. I shed a small tear as I realized he was right and the pony tail had to be cut. Mark brought out his trimmer and it took at least five minutes for him to convince me that there was no way it could cut Beckett. Once I was convinced that there was no possibility he could be harmed, Mark buzzed it right off. I definitely looks much better. 




Anna said...

Lol - Gollum hair. That's a funny way to describe it. I know it's too late now (but if his hair starts growing back like that again) just remember, mullets are making a comeback! =P