Postpartum Stages

Today Beckett is seven weeks old! Wow! I feel like there are stages you go through after coming home from the hospital and we have just hit the best one so far. 

Week 1 Survival: Learn to walk again. Try to nurse without crying. Catch some sleep whenever possible, even if it's only in 30 minute chunks. You're running off this weird combination of adrenaline, pain killers, and sleep deprivation where everything seems like a dream. 

Week 2-4 Reality: The adrenaline has worn off and you realize that this definitely is not a dream. Your husband has gone back to work and your friends are about to stop bringing meals by. It's time to down some pain killers, get up and clean the house, figure out what makes this kid and tick (and more importantly: sleep), and begin the steady climb up a very steep learning curve. You better be a fast learner. 

Weeks 5-6 Breathe: Your body is just about recovered (well as good as it will ever be). Nursing doesn't hurt anymore. Hopefully baby has it's days and nights figured out and you are getting to sleep a bit at night. You might even be able to get dressed and do your hair before noon. 

Week 7 Fun: I finally feel like I really have my feet under me. We are on some sort of schedule and I can actually make plans for the day and know what to expect. I know the signs when Beckett is tired. I know why he is crying and how to quickly fix the problem. He isn't sleeping through the night, but I am getting plenty of rest. And now every day he seems to do something new and it's so exciting! He's really starting to be able to interact with us more and more and it makes every day so much fun!