Post Work Week Thoughts

I completed my first "week" of being a working Mom! Thanks to fall break it was only three days, but I still made it nonetheless! It went surprisingly better than I thought it would! I had one teary moment the first day, but by day three I started getting into the swing of things. The hard part for me seems to be the mornings. I don't like waking him up in the dark, getting him dressed, loading him into the car seat to go out into the cold. He doesn't fuss at all and sleeps in the car no problem, but cuddling in our PJs in the morning is one of my favorite things. I'm realizing that there is still plenty of time for those moments, it just isn't every day! Thanks to Beckett sleeping from 9-4 every night, I didn't feel tired at all. My crock pot dinner plan worked wonderfully. And I really enjoyed being back with the people I work with! I was also really nervous about the whole pumping business, but it hasn't been a problem. And the most important thing is that I absolutely love my friend Shanda, who he is with during the day. Meeting her at the the school is so easy, she is super sweet, and sometimes she comes to visit her daughter and I get to see Beckett during the day! I thought it might take me a good month or so to feel as good about working as I do now. I know it isn't always going to be the easiest, but I feel super blessed right now.

I think you get some sort of super powers once you are a mom. I used to be exhausted and crash around 9:00, wake up at 6:00, and be busting my butt to get to work on time. Now I stay up till 10 or 11, wake up at 6:00, get ready, feed and dress him, and we still have a few minutes before it's time to leave. And I'm not tired? How is this possible? And how come when I am home for the day there are times that I can't seem to get dressed or have dinner done by the time Mark gets home from work? Somehow I was able to play with Beckett until his evening nap and then have dinner ready and the dishes done before Mark got home. I can't explain it! Mark is great at helping with those things, but if it's done before he gets home then we get to just relax and play with Beckett all night. I think I am just better organized and I've cut out things I used to do that aren't really important anymore. Like change my clothes 5 times in the morning and spend 30 minutes curling my hair. Now I run a straightener over it once or twice and walk out the door in the first thing I tried on, even if Beck did spit up on me before it was time to leave. Once you are a mom your priorities just change! But I still think super powers has a little something to do with it.