Night Time

There's something very sweet and special about waking up in the night to feed Beckett. When I hear his little grunts and groans I roll out of bed, turn on his lamp, and the second I undo his swaddle his little arms shoot into the air as he arches his back for the biggest stretch he can manage. We sit in the living room with nothing but a lamp or the fireplace on. My sleepy house is so peaceful. It feels like the whole world is resting and we are the only two awake to enjoy how quiet it is. As Beck looks up at me he sometimes gives me a little drowsy grin. When he is finished he rests his head on my shoulder and is often fast asleep before we even make it back to his crib. I give him a kiss, wrap him in his cozy blankets, and as I turn off the lamp I wonder what he is dreaming about. Then I crawl back into my warm bed where I am reminded how lucky I am to have not one, but two special guys in my life.