Chubby Cheekers

I can't believe how much chub is on this kid! It's the best! This weekend we're going shopping for 9 month clothes. 9 month clothes for my almost 3 month old! Holy cow. If there's one mom thing I'm good at it's making sure he is eating well. 

My hair is falling out at an alarmingly fast pace. They say that it's all that "extra" hair you acquired while pregnant. I did not get any of this so-called extra hair. The hair I am losing is my actual hair and it's all I have! This new phase has led me schedule an appointment to get my hair cut this weekend. Chopity chop chop.

Purchase: FAMILY SIZE Golden Oreos. Entire package devoured in: 3 days. Help from Mark: none. Conclusion: I am a monster. 

Beckett and I hung out during lunch at my work today. Seeing him at school is the best. The first time or two it was a little hard because I would be focused on work and then seeing him was a reminder of how much I missed him. Now that we're in a routine and I'm past the unknown it's not hard, but just very fun.

My plan (here) to stay organized when I returned to work has been working so well. My house stays clean, I get plenty of sleep, we're eating better than normal because the crock pot doesn't burn food like I do, and most importantly.... I feel like I have plenty of time with Beckett every day still. I'm starting to feel guilty for not working out because I actually have time for it, but absolutely no motivation. Maybe I'll just wait it out until the holiday treat fest guilt kicks in.