8 Week Summary

I have a two month old baby! As of yesterday we are officially done with "newborn" stuff. I took the newborn inserts out of his car seat and swing, he has graduated to a regular binky, he definitely doesn't fit any newborn clothes, and he gets mad when I try to hold him like a baby because he wants to be up on my shoulder or sitting up. It's so much fun!

  • When he was four weeks old he rolled over four times, but he hasn't done it since! 
  • He can hold his head up for a few minutes. It's still a bit wobbly, but he can do it!
  • He's definitely discovering his voice and noticing it is especially good for yelling.
  • It takes a few minutes, but it's not too hard to work a smile out of him. He usually smiles 4-5 times a day. 
  • I can hold just his hands and he can support all his weight on his legs and hold up his head at the same time.

Obviously he doesn't have a problem eating. But sometimes I feel like he would keep going if there was more milk, but there isn't! When we give him a bottle at night it's usually 5 oz. He is satisfied, but would keep going if there was more. The problem is I'm not making that much! He has started eating every 2 hours and 15-30 minutes instead of every 3 hours which I would really prefer. I feel like 5 oz every couple of hours is a lot! I can't keep up! Hopefully it's just a growth spurt and he will go back to the 3 hour schedule soon and my body will adjust.


I am still a huge fan of swaddling and so happy I have stuck with it. Once he has been awake for 60 minutes he starts getting really grouchy. I swaddle him up, give him his binky, and then it's our cuddle time and he calms right down. He sleeps so much better when he is swaddled, and I know he is staying warm in the night because he isn't wriggling all over the place. I think I will slowly start weaning him off of being swaddled in the next month or two. 

Nap Time

Putting him to bed is usually a breeze. There have been a few times that it takes him up to 20 minutes to fall asleep, but he is so good about laying in his crib by himself. Sometimes he yells a bit and I put his binky back in and he is fine. If he is obviously not going to fall asleep after about 20 minutes I get him up and try cuddling for a few minutes again. If that doesn't do the trick then I figure he is going to skip that nap and it's time to play! He hasn't cried when it's nap time once and I'm so grateful.

Bed Time

He is pretty good with naps, and amazing with bed time! Every night this week he eats at 8:00 and goes to bed at 8:30 no problem. When he wakes up in the night to eat he goes back to sleep immediately. Last night he only woke up once to eat in a 9 hour stretch! It's the first time I haven't had to get up twice in the night. Just in time for his 8 week mark, and just in time for me to go back to work! I'm so proud of him! Baby Wise defines sleeping through the night as 6-7 hours. He went from 8:00 PM- 2:00 AM so I guess that is technically "sleeping through the night". But that is a lot different than if I was awake enough to do a late night feeding at 11:00 and then he wakes up at 5:00. I've decided I would rather go to bed around 9 or 10 and wake up once, then stay up till 11 and not wake up until early morning. 


This is roughly what his schedule looks like.... or hopefully what it will look like when I return to work Monday. This is only eating 7 times a day, right now he is usually doing 8. I'm hoping once this growth spurt period is over it will adjust to 7! 

6:00 AM Eat and go back to sleep 
8:30 AM Eat and wake up for the day
9:30 AM Sleep
11:00 AM Eat
12:00 PM Sleep
2:00 PM Eat
3:00 PM Sleep
4:30 PM Eat
5:30 PM Sleep
7:30 PM Eat
8:00 PM Bath
8:30 PM Bed
2:00 AM Eat